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Four Great Benefits of Professional Product Photography

The team at Boutique Lifestyle Photography offers you a professional in-studio product photography service that is designed to showcase your business's products and goods in a way that maximises their perceived value to your desired target market. Below are Four great reasons why choosing Boutique Lifestyle Photography will set you apart from your competition!

  1. Enjoy the benefits of professional in-studio lighting: By investing in a professional product photographer who uses in-studio lighting, you are in control of the look and feel of your images. Whether you are looking to create evenly lit images that show all of your product's labelling and minute detail, or perhaps more moody and artistic images, the choice is yours. Every product is unique and will appeal to a different audience. You can therefore showcase your products and stock to suit your desired market.

  2. Create consistency amomgst your images: If you have a product that has different sizes and/or colour options, a professional product photographer will be able to create consistency throughout your images which will enhance your businesses perceived level of professionalism. Combining this in addition to the absolute control that in-studio lighting allows (as mentioned above), you will start to see that the ideas you have envisioned can be created before your eyes.

  3. Professional advice and suggestions: As part of our service, we will create images showcasing your products that are both contemporary and visually striking. Every product is unique in many ways, from its size, colour and texture. We will creatively stage your products in ways that make them visually appealing to your desired target market. If you have suggestions or ideas in mind, we would love to hear about them and will work with you to incorporate them into your product photo shoot.

  4. Increased competition amongst online retailers (both big and small!): Over recent years, more businesses have moved toward selling their goods online. As such, there has never been more competition amongst online retailers. To help differentiate your products from your competitors, the creation of high impact and uniquely styled images is a sure way to set yourself apart from your competition. Whether you are looking to sell your images on your company’s website, or perhaps on larger e-commerce market websites such as Trademe, eBay or Amazon, your professional product images will give you the best possible chance for success. Also, remember that many larger online e-commerce websites such as those mentioned above do require your images to be of a suitable quality and standard to be featured.

To have one of our photographic team contact you, you can contact us or else you are welcome to call on (09) 522 5123 with any booking enquiries.

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