Enjoy Professional Retouching On All Boutique Lifestyle Photography Portraits

Digital Photo Retouching
Digital Portrait Retouching by Boutique Lifestyle Photography

In addition to enjoying your photo shoot experience with us at Boutique Lifestyle Photography, you can also enjoy all of the additional benefits of your chosen portraits receiving our complimentary professional digital photo retouching as standard! So what does this mean? In simple terms, any blemishes that you notice on your portraits during your image viewing, including but not limited to pimples, scars, scratches and fine lines, can be addressed during post production.

The addition of our digital retouching service further enhances your professional family portraits whilst retaining the essence of you and your family. It is not designed to detract from your character or change who you are, but rather remove those little unwanted things that we all have but rather we didn’t!

Be sure to mention to us during your image viewing if you have anything you would like addressed post production. And if you are in any doubt, or have any questions about this aspect of our service, be sure to mention this when contacting our team prior to making your photo shoot booking.

Are There Any Retouching Examples I Can See?

To see some examples of our retouching options, be sure to checkout our digital retouching and view our before and after thumbnails. This gives you just a few ideas of what can be enhanced on your portraits. You are also welcome to call our Auckland photography studio today and discuss with us any aspect of our retouching service.

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