Planning your Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity and Pregnancy Portrait Photography in Auckland NZ
Beautiful pregnancy and maternity portraits in Auckland by Boutique Lifestyle Photography

Do you want to know how to prepare for your maternity photo shoot? This blog post covers a number of common questions we receive from women when booking with us. Once you have booked in your maternity photo shoot you should begin planning your session well in advance, as there are a wide range of considerations you should address prior to your shoot.

Read on below to discover how best to prepare for your upcoming maternity photo shoot with Boutique Lifestyle Photography in Auckland.

How to Best Dress for Maternity Photography

Many clients ask us ‘How do I dress for my maternity photo shoot?‘. When sorting through your wardrobe and deciding on what outfits to bring, consider that you are looking for items that will accentuate and flatter your figure.  Therefore, tightly fitting outfits that highlight your shape are perfect and are guaranteed to photograph well.  Overly loose clothing will simply hide your figure and lessen the focus of your maternity portraits.

You should also consider the creative use of fabrics and silks, for example, to add yet another dimension to your photos. We have a selection of such items at your disposal at our studio, which we can discuss with you when making your booking.

When considering outfits & colours, above all be sure to base your sections on what makes you feel comfortable and those that most flatter your skin tones and complexion. We also advise bringing along a few different outfits with varying colours and styles. If you have any specific queries regarding your choice of outfit, you are welcome to discuss them with us in advance. We do offer you a change room in our studio as well as robes if required.

When Should I Book My Maternity Photographer?

Around 30 to 32 weeks during your pregnancy is the best time to book with your Auckland maternity photographer. This time frame is when your tummy will have a nice shape whilst not leaving it too late.

Depending on how your pregnancy progresses, you may wish to have your photo shoot completed sooner. Don’t forget about the possibility of booking multiple sessions throughout your pregnancy to fully capture your journey! This is a highly popular concept and a brilliant way to celebrate such an amazing time in your life.

Hair and Makeup For My Pregnancy Photo Shoot

We also often get asked ‘How do I arrive to my photo shoot with hair and makeup?‘ With regard to hair and makeup, be sure not to use an glossy makeup as this may cause reflection issues on your portraits. We will also discuss during your image viewing any potential retouching you would like to have done on your portraits.

Other considerations relate to accessories you may wish to bring along and have included in your photo shoot. These can include jewelery, shoes, and any pre-purchased or gifted baby clothing that can add a nice touch to your portraits. Feel free to bring along any such items, or other items of personal value with you.

Can I Suggest Posing Ideas For My Maternity Portraits?

And finally, if you have any preconceived ideas in mind for your pregnancy photo shoot, such as maternity poses and concepts, be sure to mention these to our team prior to your photo shoot. You are welcome to email us ideas in advance to ensure everything on the day runs as smoothly as possible.

We warmly welcome you to get in touch with us with any general enquiries or booking queries 🙂

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