Preparing for a Children’s Professional Photo Shoot

Preparing for a Children’s Professional Photo Shoot

Creating Picture-Perfect Memories with our Professional Children’s Photographer

Capturing the essence of childhood with Boutique Lifestyle Photography’s professional children’s photographer Auckland is a priceless gift that lasts a lifetime. Boutique Lifestyle Photography understands the magic that unfolds when photographing children, but a successful photo shoot is a collaborative effort between our photographer, parents, and the little stars themselves. To ensure a seamless and joyful experience, discover some great tips on how to prepare your child for a professional photo shoot with Boutique Lifestyle Photography.

Choose the Right Timing for your Children’s Photo Shoot

Timing is key when it comes to photographing children. Pick a time of day when your child is usually at their best—typically after a meal and a nap. Avoid scheduling the shoot during naptime or when they’re usually fussy. A well-rested and content child is more likely to cooperate and enjoy the experience. Here at Boutique Lifestyle Photography, we offer children’s photo shoot bookings Monday to Saturday with both morning and afternoon appointments.

Introduce the Concept in Advance

Children often respond well when they know what to expect. Explain the concept of a photo shoot in a simple and positive way. Use words that resonate with them, such as “taking fun pictures,” “playing dress-up,” or “posing like a model.” Preparing your children in advance of your photo shoot ensures they arrive looking forward to the experience!

Choose Comfortable Clothing for your Kids

While Boutique Lifestyle Photography is known for capturing elegance, comfort should never be compromised—especially when photographing children. Choose clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. Consider your child’s preferences and let them have a say in selecting outfits. Avoid itchy fabrics, tight clothing, or items that might cause discomfort during the shoot.

Encourage Their Personality

Children’s genuine expressions are what make photos truly special. Allow your child to bring their unique personality to the shoot. Whether they’re shy, outgoing, or silly, embrace their natural tendencies. There is no right or wrong type of portrait. Your kids photo shoot is all about capturing them at this early stage of their life! Boutique Lifestyle Photography specializes in capturing authentic moments that reflect the essence of your child’s individuality.

Practice Playful Poses

Practice posing and facial expressions in a playful manner before their photo shoot. Turn it into a game by pretending to be models together. Use phrases like “show me your biggest smile” or “strike a superhero pose.” This not only prepares your child but also makes them comfortable with our photographer’s directions during the actual shoot.

Pack Snacks and Other Essentials

A small bag with your child’s favourite snacks, water, and any essential items is a smart addition. The shoot might last longer than expected, and having their comfort items at hand can help keep them calm and engaged. Don’t forget to bring wipes and tissues for quick touch-ups, as well as a comb or hairbrush!

Bring your Child’s Props and Toys

Props can add a playful touch to the photo shoot and make your child feel more at ease. Consider bringing a favourite toy, a beloved stuffed animal, or props that resonate with interests. These items can help your child feel more comfortable in front of the camera and bring out their genuine smiles. Even just one of two of their favourite toys can work wonders during their photo shoot. For very young children, toys which make a sound to attract and keep their focus is a great idea!

Stay Relaxed and Positive

Children pick up on their parents’ emotions. Maintain a relaxed and positive attitude throughout the shoot, even if your child becomes upset. Be patient and encouraging, and refrain from pressuring your child to perform. The more at ease you are, the more likely your child will feel comfortable and happy during the photo session.

Celebrate the Experience

After the shoot, celebrate the experience with your child. Reflect on the fun moments you had and let them know how proud you are. Your post photo shoot image viewing at Boutique Lifestyle Photography is a great way to relax and unwind, and see all the amazing portrait memories to choose from!

Now is the Time to

A professional photo shoot with Boutique Lifestyle Photography is an opportunity to capture your child’s unique personality and fleeting moments of childhood. By carefully preparing your child and creating a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, you can ensure a memorable and successful photo shoot you will be sure to treasure.

Remember, the most authentic and cherished moments are the ones where your child’s natural essence shines through, and Boutique Lifestyle Photography is skilled at capturing these genuine and heartwarming moments that you’ll treasure for years to come.

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