What to Bring for your Glamour Photo Shoot

After having booked your photo shoot with your glamour photographer at Boutique Lifestyle Photography in Auckland, it’s now time to start considering what you would like to bring with you in to your session. Below we provide you with some suggestions and things you may wish to consider prior to arriving on the day.

If you have some items in mind that you are considering bring along, ensure that you try them on at home prior to arriving. This will ensure that any items you bring you will be happy with, both with regards to colour, style and size. All items including lingerie that you wish to bring should be clean (and ironed if necessary) for best results. We do offer you a large change room for convenience along with robes that you are welcome to use in between different sets.

We have a variety of props and items at our studio which you are welcome to incorporate into your glamour and boudoir portraits should you choose. These items are designed to compliment your outfits, and include such things as fabrics, silks, boas etc. These options will be shown to you prior to commencing your session.

If you are considering purchasing some new items or lingerie for your session, there is no right or wrong considerations. Whatever you are drawn too, irrespective of style or colour is the right choice. If you’re considering some portraits in black/white or sepia, for example, you may wish to choose outfits with strong colours. These colours tend to have more visual impact with these alternate colouring effects.

Other Items to Consider Bringing to your Photo Shoot

Other items you may wish to consider include accessories such as shoes (perhaps stilettos) which are always a nice addition. If you are looking to surprise your partner with some lovely images, you may wish to bring along items of significance. These can include such as piece of jewelry you may have received for a special occasion.

If you have any questions regarding what to bring or any other aspect of your glamour photo shoot, you are welcome to contact us and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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