When is the best time to book your maternity photo shoot

booking your professional pregnancy photo shoot in Auckland NZ
When to book your professional pregnancy photo shoot in Auckland

The trend of women wanting to book a pregnancy photo shoot has grown exponentially in recent years. Women now, more so than ever before, are celebrating their bodies and are seeing their inherent beauty, especially during their pregnancy.

As a professional pregnancy photographer in Auckland, by far the most common question we hear from women is ‘when should i look at booking my photo shoot?’ As a rule of thumb, we recommend looking to book around the 30-32 week mark, for several reasons. Firstly, this period is when most women have the perfect shape for their professional maternity photos, with a well-defined tummy that clearly defines the progress of their pregnancy. Secondly, if you leave your photo shoot too late, you may feel uncomfortable or not in a right frame of mind for your session, and if your baby arrives early this can interrupt your plans!

If this is your first pregnancy, you may wish to bring along your partner to your photo shoot to have them included within your portraits. Otherwise, some ladies prefer to book for just themselves; the choice is yours! If you have other children and this is not your first pregnancy, you are more than welcome to bring them along for inclusion in your portraits, which can be a lovely touch!

Throughout your photo shoot, our friendly team will assist you with posing and all other aspects to ensure you enjoy a relaxed and fun-filled experience. Whilst we have many ideas and concepts at our disposal, you are more than welcome to suggest any ideas you may have, or show us examples of portraits that you would like to emulate.

Finally, please feel free to bring along any items or accessories of significant with you to your photo shoot. We also have a great selection of fabrics, furs and some accessories you are welcome to incorporate into your portraits. A little preparation in advance will ensure you arrive relaxed and in the best frame of mind to enjoy your experience with us!

We welcome any booking enquiries you may have and with sessions available Monday through to Saturday (by appointment) finding a suitable time for your session is simple.

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