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Product Photography Auckland

Showcase your business's product and stock with creative and high impact photography!

Welcome to Boutique Lifestyle Product Photography in Auckland. We provide a professional studio product photo shoot service perfectly suited for creating smaller-scale product images for businesses wanting to increase their brand's image. Our setup in Grafton, Auckland, includes flexible lighting setups and creative input from our photographic team; allowing for the creation of visually striking product images designed to showcase your product to the world..

In today's business environment, companies of all sizes are competing against one another for the attention of potential customers. As such, it is essential to give your product the best possible chance to succeed. In doing so, you will see that your investment is truly just that, a beginning of greater things to come.

Our creative photographic team will work closely with you in an effort to better understand your business and product. The creation of dynamic images is a craft, and as such requires both skill and insight to succeed. You can contact us by calling on (09) 522 5123. Our friendly Auckland team are more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Here's Four Great Benefits of Professional Product Photography!


Visually Striking Images

Our Company Philosophy

Our creative Auckland product photography photo shoot service is tailored for small-medium sized businesses looking to create visually striking, high impact photography that positively represent their business and brand.

Handy Central Location

Located in Grafton

Our central and accessible Auckland location allows you to easily get to and from our studio. Our in-studio setup, including professional lighting, assists in the creation of beautifully crafted product photography.

Invest in your Brand

An image says a thousand words

Investing in professional product photography means investing in your own success. In today's world, we are constantly surrounded by advertising. To differentiate yourself it takes time, care and craftsmanship to create results that stand out from the crowd and do your products justice.

Competitive Rates for your Products

We offer competitive rates catering for all budgets. Please contact us today on (09) 522 5123 to discuss your individual requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.



Our photo shoot services are perfect for smaller scale products, including but not limited to items such as watches, wine bottles and other similarly sized products. Your professional in-studio photo shoot allows for the creation of eye-catching and visually striking product photography that portray your products in a unique and memorable way. We are happy to discuss with you your requirements when you contact our friendly Auckland team. We welcome your creative input during your photo shoot.


After discussing your requirements with us, we will provide you with an outline of your investment. Upon acceptance, we will undertake the creation of your images in our Grafton, Auckland studio. Your final product images will be presented to you in a high resolution .jpg format and can be emailed directly to an email address of your choice.

Please contact us to discuss your product photography requirements to for us to provide you a quote and to book your photo shoot.


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