Professional Portrait Photo Retouching Auckland NZ

Professional Portrait Retouching

Airbrushing Your Portraits!

Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to flawless confidence with our fabulous professional portrait retouching and airbrushing. Embrace the power of portrait airbrushing today and watch as your photos become works of art.

During your image viewing, we can discuss with you your retouching options, which we will then undertake and complete during your portrait production. Our professional airbrushing service includes the removal of unwanted blemishes, including things such as pimples, scratches, watch strap marks, men's shaving rash and a general softening of skin.

Whilst taking great care to perfect your portraits, be assured that they will not appear overly fake and over retouched! Our service is designed to simply showcase you at your best rather than attempting to change who you are. Best of all, this service is complimentary on all your chosen photos!

You are welcome to enquire about our professional photo retouching service prior to making your photo shoot booking. In the meantime, check out some of our examples below by rolling your curser over an image to see the retouched example. If you are viewing our website on a mobile phone, simply tap the appropriate picture to see the results.

Discover the magic of portrait retouching and unlock your true potential in your photos!

Professional Digital Retouching Examples

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Digital Portrait Retouching